Friday, February 3, 2012

Practise on youtube

Practise consonant, vowels, linking and pausing on my youtube site. If you need more information but contact me via email djcorbett@optusnet.com.au 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pronunciation New Year resolutions

I went to a new gym yesterday to take out a membership and as I work flexible hours can go to the gym at down times. I asked the young manager when would be a good time to come, that is when there are not so many people. he said at the moment with all the New Year resolutions still fresh it's pretty full nearly all day.

So while there is still a New Year resolution feel in the air let's make some pronunciation training New Year resolutions.

The one thing most of my students benefit from is my constant 'nagging' as my daughter would say to
S  L  O  W      D  O  W  N. Most people often equate fluency with speed. This is definitely not the case.
here are a few slowing down tips.

  1. Physically just slow down your speech at least twice as slowly as you are now speaking
  2. Pause longer between 'chunks' of speech
  3. Record short passages of your speech then listen and try to slow it down - adding emphasis and stress on the key words