Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tailored pronunciation courses

Pronunciation Matters teaches pronunciation by using the language relevant to each student's work. For example I am currently working with an engineer from an environmental engineering company so we are using the language she needs everyday when negotiating with clients and getting information from them to develop her projects. She needs to use complex technical words and she often misplaces stress on words such as 'environmental'.
The type of exercises for each student are similar such as:

  • working on specific sounds
  • linking
  • rhythm and stress activities

Their problems may also be similar and the text types may be the same, for example:
  • gathering information by asking questions
  • giving descriptions
  • negotiating
  • giving advice
  • giving updates
  • solving problems

However the content is always unique.
So a pronunciation teacher can become knowledgeable on such things as:
quantum physics,giving tax advice,software development,electricity transmission, maths teaching,payroll information, marketing.