Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pronunciation raps

Discovered a new resource that is a poetry and rhyme based approach to pronunciation and used one of the exercises at my student's graduation ceremony. It was a HUGE success.

The work we were doing was how to listen  to and understand fast, spoken Australian and linked expressions such as:
What are you doing - whatcha doin
Did you want to go out to dinner - didja wanna go ta dinner or even dja wanna
Where do you want to go - Where dja wanna go.

Listen and enjoy and beat out the rhythm


 Where dja wanna go       Whatcha wanna do
I’m not sure now       I’ll leave it ta you
Dja wanna go ta town       ta see a show
I don’t know now     but I’ll let you know
Can’t ya tell me right away
I’m not sure yet      do I have to say
Where dja wanna meet     won’t ya tell me where
Let’s just meet in Leicester square
Did ya tell the others       where we’re going ta meet
I said in the centre      didn’t say which street
Dja wanna have a meal or      dja like ta sit down
YA fancy a meal in Chinatown
Whacha recommend and      where dja like ta dine
Here’s very good       the fish is fine
How’s the fish cooked      with lots a spice
Just a bit a ginger     it’s really nice
Whatcha like ta drink      whenya eat chinese
Just a pot a tea       it’s sure ta please
How dja like the meat       dja like the fish
It was really great       what’s the name a the dish
I don’t know the name      it wasn’t written down

It’s often the way in Chinatown

Watch this space for more of these!!!!